Rosa 'Golden Celebration'

I have tried this twice (because I had forgotten it had failed before) and it has disappointed twice. I know people love it but it just doesn't work for me. The flowers hang their heads so basically you see their backs all the time. My garden is too small to waste space on a drooper.

Rosa 'Tess of the D'Urbervilles'

This is a great rose but not in my garden. Weak growth and the scent didn't live up to the promise. Drooping flowers on weak stems. Also, the foliage is not very exciting and is quite pale green. My neighbour has one and it does well and looks great but it is deep pink/purple and so didn't fit well into either my Hot or pink bed so was removed.

Rosa 'Teasing Georgia'

This a lovely rose that just didn't work for me. The growth was spindly so the blooms drooped. It was removed.

Rosa 'Dublin Bay'

This is a short climber that repeats but is not very floriforous at the moment. It may be where it is but the flowers are a lovely deep, velvety red and scented so it is staying for the moment. Roses need about three years I think to really judge them - unless they are just "wrong" for the purpose.

Rosa 'Bridge of Sighs'

Tried this on the fence with no effect whatsoever. A weak grower with very pale orange flowers. It didn't last the season.

Rosa 'Rambling Rosie'

I have planted this up the West side of the Loire arch to mingle with the pink of R. Super Fairy and R. The Generous Gardener when it gets to the top. I bought it from Seales Roses at The Malvern Spring Fair last year (2012) and was slightly suckered by the name. Apparently it is a fast grower and very disease resistant (although it has already shown leaf diseases). It has white centres and is supposed to flower for a long season. In 2012 it was fine but new. In 2013 it is showing showing strong growth and lots of flower clusters so I am hopeful.

Rosa floribunda 'Remembrance'

I have moved things around on the North side of the Red bed this year. Certain plants eg Rosa Esterland and Aquilgia Tequila Sunrise were too tall near the path. I was looking for a shorter, bright red rose. This may or may not be it. It is slightly fragrant, has pretty small leaves but we'll have to wait and see.

Rosa 'Ghislaine de Feligonde'

The rose on the left is Gislaine. This is the match to Phyllis Bide going up the other side of the gated arch. She flowers profusely and is a very pretty light peachy/orange colour in lovely clusters but she flowers for for less long and is slightly lighter in colour. If I had to chose between them I'd choose Phyllis Bide.

Rosa 'Crown Princess Margareta'

She took three years to really get going but is worth it. Lovely, very scented blooms that last quite well and survive the rain. She's tall and arching which is fine because she is up the South side of the swing seat but shaded by the cherry tree and silver birch during the summer. I'm now twining new stems to make her flower lower down as well.

Rosa 'Phyllis Bide'

Fabulous and floriferous, she has bloomed over the gated arch ever since she was planted. She repeats and often has flowers through the winter too. She is teamed with R. Ghislaine de Feligonde (because they didn't have two when I bought the first). I was told they would be very similar, and they are, but somehow GdeF is less satisfying than PB.